“Infographic”: The Price of Money


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This “infographic” on the price of money comes to us from It covers the price of money in terms of the raw materials used to make US currency. There is a lot of information, but virtually no data visualization. The majority of the “infographic” consists of imagery which barely adds to the presentation of the information and is pretty distracting at that. The designer had the right idea with the pile of pennies next to the Sears tower, however it is just one big blob instead of actual icons representing the amount of pennies. The images in the nickels section take away quite a bit as well – again, all of this information could be represented with icons. The only images included that actually work are the ones of the coins themselves.

Although this “infographic” is a quick read, it is far too text-heavy. In order to be an actual infographic, at least a few data sets need to be visualized and able to understand without much supporting text at all.


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