Infographic: The Next Great Pandemic


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This infographic was submitted to us by Clarity Way.

The infographic does a pretty good job of keeping text to a minimum and using iconography throughout to break up the text that is there. The bright color palette is engaging, and varying the color of text throughout also helps keep a reader’s attention.

One engaging, text-reducing technique that isn’t put to use here is data visualization. There are a lot of great statistics here, but none of them have been illustrated with charts, graphs, pictograms, etc. Data visualization makes numbers easier to digest and can decrease the reliance on text to tell the infographic’s story. Less is more where text on infographics is concerned!

I’m a bit confused by parts of the “Known Cases & Outbreaks” section. 1989 USA, 1992 Italy, 1996 USA are all 0 cases, 0 deaths, 0% death, so I’m not sure why they’ve been included here.

Also looks like a typo in the “Airborne HIV/AIDS” section: we have both 56,000 and 25 million listed as the number of people who contracted AIDS in 2006. This section also appears to be the most intimidating as there are comparatively large blocks of text in contrast to the rest of the infographic.

In all I’d give this infographic a B-. It does a good job of keeping text short, but should take advantage of the data to reduce that even further!

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