Infographic: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?


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This infographic was submitted to us by Aon; it talks about the prevalence of holiday crime.

The background pattern and color palette are clear visual indicators that we’re talking about winter holidays. There is only one image that implies holiday burglary, but we definitely get close with the holiday theme. It’s also quickly noticeable that the infographic is light on text, using icons and short bits of supporting text to tell the story.

Something that would improve the flow of this infographic is to split the information up into specific sections, whether that’s by holiday or by claim type, so that it’s clear when the subject is going to change. This kind of organization, in addition to intro paragraphs and concluding statements, helps orient viewers on the information they are about to receive or just reviewed.

It is great to see the very clear source list at the end of the infographic, and the choice to footnote the information is also really helpful for fact-checking.

In all I’d give this infographic a C; it’s concise and stays on-topic, but a few organizational tricks could help streamline it even further.

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