Infographic: The Many Faces of Fleet Management


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Verizon Networkfleet submitted this infographic to us.

The design begins with an effective introduction to what the content will be about. From there, a few elements of data visualization set the stage before the scenarios begin. One quick issue to point out: 16.9% growth shouldn’t be shown by a pie chart, because that illustrates a portion of a whole rather than an increase on top of that whole. A more suitable choice would be a bar chart with a bar for the value 2012’s e-commerce sales and another bar next to it for the value of 2013’s e-commerce sales.

The organization of the infographic is pretty intuitive, which is key for easy navigation. The clear section heaters help with that. I would recommend that the “The Fleet Management Solution” headers change format, since they are more of a subheader within each section but are the same size and weight as each header for type of fleet.

The illustrations that accompany each problem are fairly effective, since each callout has a related illustration that helps reinforce the story being told. However, the problems and solutions overlap a bit for some scenarios — for example, fuel costs appear in both Enterprise Fleets and Government Fleets, and the monitoring of employee driving/performance appears more than once as well. While it makes sense that these would be a consideration for more than one type of organization, for the purposes of a brief infographic I’d recommend branching out a bit more to avoid that repetition in such a small space and be able to address more unique issues.

In all I’d give this infographic a B-. Appropriate data viz, header weight hierarchy, and fresh information could be employed here to make it more successful.

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