Infographic: The Man Behind the Moustache: Pablo Escobar


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Hester Society sent this infographic about the King of Cocaine to us! It has a lot of interesting facts about this well-known man.

There is some creative data visualization upfront for the stat that he at one point supplied about 80% of the world’s cocaine. A clever choice was made to turn an otherwise standard donut chart into a classroom globe, to help drive home that it was 80% of the world. However, a bit further down, the same orange that is used as the emphasis color for the globe is then used to highlight the reverse of the stat shown (the 1 out of 5 American cocaine users who didn’t have his product). Since the stat calls out the 4 out of 5 American cocacine users that did use Escobar’s cocaine, 4 of the figures should be in orange as that’s the color of emphasis.

Throughout, the varied use of typography is also a bit distracting. While it’s certainly a good use of typography to emphasize the stats or most important takeaways (like 4 out of 5, or 80% of the world, etc.), the variation is a bit distracting. Then, as we move down the infographic, it begins to become very wordy and overwhelming. While it’s wonderful to have all these facts to show, the infographic becomes a bit of a reading assignment and it’s easy to want to skip through it to get to more visuals. Another big culprit of this effect is the layout. If each point were given more room to breathe, the short bits of text wouldn’t look so overwhelming all crowded next to each other.

In all I’d give this infographic a C. It’s got some interesting information and is very thorough, but the busy design and layout are taking away from the impact the information might have.


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