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This infographic was submitted to us by Lab42. Here is what they had to say about their infographic:

Just a few years ago, professional networking meant printing off your resume, attending job fairs, and scheduling coffee dates with old co-workers or friends of friends who could help you land your next dream job. That has all changed with LinkedIn. Now you can publicly display your resume, easily interact with industry professionals, and discover that your new boss is connected to your favorite college professor. And with its recent IPO, LinkedIn has been all over the news. After talking with my colleagues at Lab42 about our LinkedIn profiles, we were interested to find out exactly how other users were interacting with the site.

Overall, this infographic earns a B+. Having the design of the infographic be in the style of the LinkedIn website is a very good idea for this one. Using in-website boxes is a good idea for separating the sections, but it seems to all blend together and detracts from the flow of the infographic as a whole. The pie charts are unique without being too distracting, which is good. However, the icons in the center of the smaller pie charts make the section look a bit cluttered. Another issue are the section headings – using a more traditional, simple section heading as opposed to the tags would really help with the flow. They look cool, but since there is already so much going on in the infographic, they really aren’t necessary and in fact are a bit too much.

Overall, the infographic is good! With its sections identified a bit more clearly so that the organization and flow are more apparent, it could be great.


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