Infographic: The Life of Amy Winehouse


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This graphic comes from Artweb-Media.

This “infographic” has a really nice design, with an easy-to-follow layout and some inventive illustrations of Amy. The increasingly distorted info as drugs took over more of the singer’s life is really intriguing. I refocused my eyes several times to make sure I wasn’t just imagining the blurred lines and text. But despite the visual appeal of this “infographic,” data visualization hasn’t really been put into practice here. I’ll have to give this IG a D.

Though a nice tribute, the nature of the subject matter here makes data visualization extremely difficult. The timeline is devoid of typical infographic material, like percentages and quantities. Attempts like including images of each award, her tattoos, and some of the drugs she used do make the timeline more interesting, but aren’t portraying any real data. The interspersal of right-aligned facts are interesting, but probably needed their own section, maybe just in an introduction. “The Life of Amy Winehouse caught in one graphic” is the description we received, and it is truly a nice graphic—it’s just not an infographic.

By including statistics about record sales, concert tickets, Amy’s salary, number of houses/cars/records or anything that includes numbers and data, the creators could’ve turned this timeline/tribute into an infographic, but as it stands, it’s just a nice example of clean design.

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