Infographic: The Las Vegas Strip Hotels


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LA Epic Las Vegas sent us this design.

This could be a useful guide for travelers unfamiliar with where Vegas Strip casinos are in relation to each other and to the airport. Unfortunately there are a few attributes that make it a bit tough to use.

If cross streets were added, it would be easier for viewers to tell how many blocks they needed to walk or cab, to get a real sense of the distance between all hotels. A scale of feet or miles could also aid in that to be a bit more useful. A background color or texture would also help improve the visual intrigue of the design.

It would also be great to see this zoomed in a bit more, as even at full size it can’t be read from more than a few inches away from the screen. It looks like there are some helpful icons being used to indicate the services and amenities at each hotel/casino, but it’s tough to see them or read the key.

In all I’d give this design a D since you can’t really read the copy or see the icons, and it lacks perspective to make it most useful. The addition of more grounding features (like cross-streets and a scale) and increasing the size of all elements would help make this a more successful map design.

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