Infographic: The Kitchen Remodeling Process Start to Finish


The Kitchen Remodeling Process: Start to Finish – An infographic by the team at Palatin Remodeling, Inc.

This infographic was submitted to us by Palatin Remodeling, Inc. They included this accompanying description:

It seems like there is a severe lack of information readily available that tells the average homeowner what they should expect from a kitchen remodel. Sure, there are plenty of resources, like the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), but few of them are in an easy to read and easy to understand format. In fact, many were downright vague. So we decided it was up to us to create a kitchen remodeling infographic that breaks down what homeowners should expect from their kitchen remodel and what steps they need to take for it to be a success.

I like the fairly simple layout of this infographic. It’s easy for a viewer to first just scroll through and see what they need to consider before launching into the details of each particular section. The illustrations and color add some visual interest.

However, there’s a lot of text here–and the shadowing is extremely distracting. There are some spots where the text length is ideal (albeit with typos), but in most cases it’s just too much. I can see the designer tried to combat this by sectioning the text off into boxes, but reading all of this could take awhile.

I think this infographic could benefit from literally cutting the text in half. Each step on its own may not look like much information, but all together as a 10-step IG, I get intimidated scrolling through. Imagine if every icon within each step was represented by no more than 10-15 words. The design would be able to breathe, viewers could get just about as much information in far less time, and be more likely to read through to the end of the graphic.

In all I’d give this infographic a C. It’s got good info, but could use some design work and truncation to make it great.

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