Infographic: The January Transfer Window 2013


The Premier League January 2013 transfer window [infographic]

This infographic was submitted to us by Ladbrokes.

There are a couple of good examples of data visualization on this infographic, and I like that it stays short and sweet. Viewers get a lot of key info about Transfer Day without having to swim through a lot of extra text. The background texture, of course, makes sense for the topic, and the fonts stay consistent so that they aren’t distracting.

I’d like to see the use of data viz stay consistent, however. When I started in on the graphic, I thought that the dollar amounts in the Top-5 Biggest Premier League Signings would be represented as bar graphs relative to the signing amounts of the other players — but it turned out that £8.5 million was longer than £10 million. It would have been a good opportunity to weight the figures against one another.

The same is true for the key Twitter terms surrounding the Transfer Window. The number 165,570 is about as big as 407,215, and I think the font size of the keyword itself (QPR, with 165,570 tweets) is actually larger than the keyword with more tweets (David Beckham, with 407,215 tweets).

In all I’d give this infographic a B. It makes use of data viz, it isn’t too long, and it’s pretty clean in design. It would just be great to see data viz used to its full potential! And don’t be afraid to get creative with it too: there are more than just bar graphs out there.

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