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This colorful timeline provides a pretty interesting history of the internet and all the related technology. It’s amazing to see the rapid growth from 0 connected devices all the way up to a projected 31 billion in just 60 years. The color palette here is really nice–dark backgrounds can be hard to pull off, but the easily interpretable key at the top of the IG coupled with the bright colors of all the lines makes it work. The growth of daily PC sales is also impressive, and the way it’s displayed is a great example of data viz.

I do wish there was more data viz than just the PC sales and the number of PCs with Intel processors. The rest of this IG is just a timeline. It’s a nice, informative timeline, but there isn’t much more to it than that. (On that note, I don’t see gray on the color key for the timeline. What do the gray boxes stand for?)

With so many product mentions, innovations, and the tracking of the worldwide number of connected devices (another note–2 billion and 15 billion connected devices don’t have corresponding large years on the right side of the IG), there are so many unused opportunities for data visualization in this infographic. Since this is a relatively short infographic as it is, it certainly wouldn’t compromise the concise nature of the IG to add in some more easily visualized data. This would help boost it from the B- I’m giving it as-is.

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