Infographic: The Interconnected World of Car Insurance Companies


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This infographic comes from the folks at CoverHound.

Defying convention, CoverHound refrains from including the title in their actual infographic. This means that an already text-light IG is made even lighter. It does, in a way, tell a story, because it’s basically a visual timeline. The companies also seem to be color-coded by size (which is visually represented by the size of each circle). It’s not clear, but I’m assuming that the larger the circle size, the more companies that particular insurance company has acquired? The incomplete story gets this infographic a B-.

It’s a rare thing to say, but I think this IG could actually benefit from some more text (like an introduction and a key to explain the colors and sizes of each circle). Some statistics would also jazz this up–how many car insurance companies are there really, given that so many of the “small” insurance companies have been bought? What percentage of the market does each company occupy? Things like that would help to complete the bigger picture of the story, since all we’re really getting here is list of acquisitions. This seems like one section of a larger infographic.

It’s a creative design, though, and it does enable the viewer to locate specific companies they might be interested in more easily than a more chronological design would.

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