Infographic: The Hot BBQ Debate


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Gumtree sent us this infographic along with a brief description:

It doesn’t have to be summer to enjoy a BBQ or at least the odd grilled steak or piece of salmon, freshly caught at the river. The question is though, do you have a coal or a gas. Personally, I prefer the gas, but that’s just me. Decide for yourself, but first inform yourself by reading this infographic. It might make you change your mind …

It uses lots of data viz (though at times a bit confusing — 3 gas canisters to represent 5.5 pounds of CO2 per hour?) and makes some good points about the advantages of both types of grills.

In the end, it’s the viewer’s decision which works better. However, I am curious where the info for “Head to Head” came from because some are a bit more subjective, such as Group Cooking and Authenticity. What makes each grill a winner or loser in this category? Who has made that call?

In all I’d give this infographic a B- since it’s short and sweet and tries to rely on images where possible.

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