Infographic: The History of the Engagement Ring

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Via Vashi
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This parallax scrolling site was submitted to us by Vashi. It shows a journey through time and the representation of engagement rings over the years, with each milestone showing an illustration of an approximation of what rings might have looked like at each time. While not exactly an infographic in the traditional sense (because the ring illustrations don’t actually help to tell the story of the descriptions — they’re more of an accompaniment), the journey is made exciting by the evolving rings through the ages.

One quick functionality mention: the years tick by chronologically for many periods of the scroll, but in some cases reset: for example, Dawn of Man scrolls through the years through 4968 BC, but then resets to 44000 BC when the ring is a little more than halfway down the illustration. It’d be best if the parameters were set so that the years only flowed chronologically instead of needing to reset due to the length of the scroll for each period.

It would also be great to see a list of sources for viewers to be able to verify the information at the end.

As an infographic I’d have to give this a C-, since it’s more of an illustrated report than an infographic. However, it’s worth noting that the information included is pretty interesting and made for a fun experience.

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