Infographic: The History of Sunglasses

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Via Dick’s Cottons
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This infographic comes courtesy of the folks over at Dicks’ Cottons. It’s an overlook on the history of sunglasses, something we all use and likely don’t realize the past they have. An interesting idea for an infographic, so let’s take a look at how this worked out.

I like the amount of interesting information that’s been placed in front of the viewer here. It’s a lot of things that people wouldn’t likely know or research, but interesting facts nonetheless. I also like the humor used throughout the Data component of the infographic, such as “Outcomes of Wearing Sunglasses at Night” and “Price VS Loss”. It’s amusing, and helps to bring some lightheartedness to the viewer.

The colors are a bit all over the place, and overall I’d say the infographic is too text heavy. If I didn’t have the text there, I’d have no idea what was being portrayed for a lot of the visuals. Data visualization is a big part of a successful infographic, and this one doesn’t quite hit the mark. For example, the section with “Other names for Sunglasses” contains no visual at all, it’s all text. The different colored lenses makes sense, but apart from the images of the lenses it’s all text-dependent. I also think that the bottom piece of the infographic, with different styles of sunglasses, looks a little “busy”. It’s fun to look at and figure out, but it kind of gives the impression that it was placed there to take up as much space as possible.

Overall, a good infographic with some great humor and information. However, working on the data visualization and keeping the number of colors down would be helpful. I’d give this Infographic a C+.


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