Infographic: The History of Gaming


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This infographic was submitted to us by Gaming Club.

This provides a pretty cool timeline of classic games. I like the use of a subheader following the title to let the viewer know ahead of time what games will be covered. That way they can spot their favorite game off the bat and know what’s to come. We encourage introductory sentences on infographics, but this is a unique way to cut down on text while still providing some of the context than an intro paragraph might offer.

In lieu of an intro paragraph, I think the title could be tweaked a bit to better set viewer expectations. With the current title, I expect a history of the evolution of games — maybe the timeline would run completely chronologically, with different icons used for events for each game. It might also include more about the evolution of each game, as there are only 5 historical points for games that have histories hundreds of years old.

Since there isn’t much data to speak of (aside from the record-breaking craps roll) it’s also a bit difficult to judge this as an infographic. I’d give it a B- as I’d like to see it a bit more thorough and with some more hard data included!

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