Infographic: The Hazards of Manual Handling 2013-2014


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SHS Handling Solutions sent us this infographic; it contains many stats about the likelihood and impact of injuries related to manual handling jobs.

There is a nice blend of icons and data visualization helping to show the story rather than just tell it. This is especially effective in the “Most Common Non-Fatal Injuries” section, where each injury has an accompanying illustration as well as a pie chart to show frequency.

It would be helpful if each section had a header the way “Manual Handling Injuries” is done; this reduces clutter and lets the viewer know what type of information to expect in each section. For example, it looks like the first group of stats deals with workplace injuries as a whole, but there isn’t a label to let you know that they aren’t instead about manual handling injuries specfically.

Aesthetically, the blend of photos and illustrations, as well as the company logo integration into the design, creates a bit of a distraction as the viewer doesn’t know what to anticipate. They may focus more on the differentiation between styles than on the information, which certainly isn’t the goal.

In all I’d give this infographic a C+ as it could benefit from a bit more organization, but makes pretty good use of icons and data visualization to reduce the reliance on text.

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