Infographic: The Growing Need for a Cannabis Dispensary Security Plan


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Bulbulyan Consulting Group submitted this infographic to us!

It reviews the security issues that are arising as marijuana dispensaries become more common. A mix of typography, charts, and icons help to tell the story. Prevalent marijuana imagery helps reestablish the topic visually. The information is covered quickly and without an overwhelming amount of text.

The layout is definitely well-intentioned but a bit confusing in places. “A Risky Business” is a large section, and by having some stats on a smaller scale in a sidebar and others wider and taller (taking up most of the space), the tendency to view left-to-right leaves the viewer jumping around a bit. Balancing this out a bit better improves readability and the viewer may be less likely to skip over information.

The following comment just greatly depends on content availability, but I really want a 1-to-1 comparison for “Odds of Getting Robbed or Burglarized” — what are the 2015 stats for banks, convenience/liquor stores, and pharmacies? If they aren’t available, perhaps it’s best to only show dispensaries to avoid looking a bit skewed.

In all this infographic does a great job of conveying the relevant information concisely and without feeling like a pitch; I’d give it a B+ because of that!

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