Infographic: The Great Email Migration


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This infographic was submitted to us by Mimecast, who provided this description:

There are many concerns over the things that could go wrong during your Exchange migration; Loss of data, downtime, the sheer volume of data to be migrated and unsupported applications all give the IT team problems to solve even before the migration can happen.

This infographic has really cute illustrations (I’m especially a fan of the “Downtime” and “Over 500GB of email data” animals). All the effects of the great email migration are represented visually in an entertaining way that makes the viewer want to continue reading. The allusion to animal migration is a simple but effective way of making what could be a complex issue seem quite approachable — maybe even fun! Also, the colors are interesting without being overwhelmingly bright.

Unfortunately, although the illustrations of the animals are adorable, they’re serving the purpose of iconography rather than data visualization. It’s possible to do both–maybe snakes as bar graphs, or ponds as pie charts–but an infographic needs data visualization in order to truly be an infographic. There are lots of great numbers on here, but since they’re only written out, they’re only serving half their purpose.

Because of this I’d give this infographic a B-. The designer recognizes that numerical data is an important element of an infographic, but it’s just not being used to its full potential yet!

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