Infographic: The Great British Surgical Stats


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The New Birkdale Clinic sent us this infographic!

The infographic design contains some great stats about the prevalence of plastic surgery procedures in the UK last year, compared to previous years. There is a lot of information here but since the text is kept really short, it’s pretty quick to get through it all!

I’d love to see a few more visualizations of the numbers to help aid that speed even more. A simple way to show increases and decreases is with a bar graph — the left bar representing 2013 or 2004 as a baseline, and the right bar representing 2014 in the appropriate height to be proportionally higher or lower than the baseline year. It’s important to use the right type of data visualization for increases or decreases — for example, a pie chart wouldn’t work because it indicates part of a whole. However, the pie chart works well for the “Total Number of Surgeries in 2014” chart showing the ratio of men to women who received surgeries.

The design could also benefit from a bit more organization, since while there are a wealth of really useful stats here, the stats about 2004 vs. 2014 and 2013 vs. 2014 are placed immediately next to each other, followed by another section that’s exclusively 2004 — this makes it a bit tough to follow.

A proofing note: there are two sections in the beginning that say “The total number of surgical procedures in the UK decreased by 9% compared to last year.” Make sure that all your callouts are accurate and unique before publishing!

In all I’d give this infographic a B- because while it has great info placed in short bursts, it would benefit from clearer organization and data visualization to improve the flow.

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