Infographic: The Graduate’s Guide to Landing Your Dream Job


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Capital One submitted this infographic to us! They also provided a description:

From scouring the internet for jobs and writing applications to moving cities and starting in a brand new industry, heading out into the job market after university can be a seriously daunting step. But with the right advice and a little confidence up your sleeve, soon you’ll have to fight off all the offers. With handy CV tips, and pointers such as understanding what makes positive body language, we’ve pulled together an infographic that’ll ensure you stand out from the crowd when it’s time for your interview.

The infographic definitely starts with a punchy title, and it goes on for some hard-hitting facts about what can get grads a job or cost them an interview. There are some nice instances of data visualization and iconography.

The overarching issue with the design is space; everything feels a bit crowded and could use some more breathing room to have a bigger impact. Currently, nearly everything is fighting for the viewer’s attention, but by adding more white space and implementing a greater information hierarchy, the viewer would have an easier time navigating the info.

In all I’d give this infographic a B-, mainly since it needs more breathing room.

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