Infographic: The Global Rise of the Fashion Social Influencer


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This infographic was submitted by Digitally Lux, who provided this description:

“They say fashion bloggers are the new celebrities, journalists and stylists. As the shift from traditional to digital media continues to evolve, we analyzed over 550 fashion blogs in over 31 countries using our exclusive PUB’lister software to create this infographic as a ‘Snapshot of the Global Fashion Blogosphere.’ It is amazing to see the social influence on a global level.”

The designer does a good job with data viz here. There are no unnecessary blocks of text on this infographic. The color palette is nice, suits the topic, and makes everything easy to read.

The graphs about the percentage of bloggers who use Facebook and Twitter are kind of confusing. I don’t really understand how the blocks of color are truly representing the percentages shown. For example, in the United Kingdom, the graph seems to be saying that 91% of bloggers use Twitter, and that 47% of those use both Facebook and Twitter. But I don’t think that’s what the data is supposed to show.

(Also, the data is supposed to be separated by continent, except the United Kingdom is a part of Europe. Granted, it’s not part of the main landmass of Europe, but it is a European country. Also, are there really no fashion blogs in the entire continent of Africa? And only 7 in South America?)

The dimensions are also strange on this infographic. Generally, we don’t like to see IGs any wider than 1,000 pixels. When they exceed this width, users have to scroll horizontally. This IG is 1240 pixels wide, and only just barely longer at 1260. Some definite reformatting would be necessary to help this infographic fit the measurements.

I would also like to see a little more on this topic to help tell the full story. Maybe we could get some sample blog titles or trends in each country? Overall I’d give this infographic a C. It’s using data viz, has nice bold colors, and is extremely focused, but it needs to broaden its focus a little, fix the dimensions and work on the geography.

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