Infographic: The Fresher’s Week Survival Guide


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This infographic (emphasis on graphic!) was submitted to us by Lloyds Pharmacy, and is kind of hysterical for being so serious.

This is quite well designed, and keeps a great sense of humor about some unpleasant things, like alcohol-related death and sexually transmitted diseases. The graphic representing “The Clap” hiding behind a bush and giggling… well, that’s wonderful. I laughed out loud! “I’m the most common,” it exclaims nearby. Again, hilarious. All the arrows are also pretty great, and the genital warts graph? Inventive. Definitely inventive. And gross.

The colors are bright, which corresponds to the IGs target audience, but it doesn’t go overboard. It isn’t so neon that you can’t look at it. The somber ending is a nice way to finish the infographic–while all the preceding information has been a light-hearted look at some of the negative things you might get into in your first week at university, there is a place for seriousness here.

I suppose the only thing I want more of in this infographic is just a couple of extra statistics–how many university students get the glandular fever (otherwise known as mono) each year? How far does the average UK student move from home for university? It seems to be steeped in statistics early on (which is good) but reverts to more info and fewer statistics near the end of the infographic. Because that’s all I really have to say here, I’ll give this studious infographic an A-!

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