Infographic: The Fragmented World of Digital Music


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This infographic comes to us from the people at iStrategy.

This is a great infographic and it presents the data in an interesting and simple to read way with a great overall flow and style. I really like the color scheme and the use of music-relevant graphics like speakers and records to show data about digital music trends.

I give this an A+ because it has a lot of great data visualization, it is not confusing, and it gets the information across without over-utilizing text. I really like the first two graphics of speakers that show how and where people listen to music and the most popular websites for listening to music. The information is all very interesting and held my attention throughout the whole infographic. The pie charts comparing digital music trends from 2004 with 2010 are another good feature.

This infographic presents the data in such a way that the reader can interpret it and see the correlations and trends within the digital music world and the music industry as a whole. For example the bar graph towards the bottom shows the negative correlation between the number of musical groups and artists and the overall sales of music. Then there are just the fun little facts like the comparison of the best selling singles of 2010. I do think that that particular data could have been shown in a more interesting way, maybe instead of having a bunch of separate circles with numbers in them it could have been put together in a pie chart of a record.

Overall I really enjoyed viewing this infographic, it is an interesting topic and this showcased a variety of information and facts with good data visualization. I learned a lot without having to read a lot, which is a sign of a great infographic.


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