Infographic: The Evolution of the Bachelorette Party


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This infographic was submitted to us by Bachelorette Superstore.

This is an interesting history of an interesting tradition! Fun to see where many of the practices we take for granted today came from.

While there isn’t any typical data to speak of, the designer does a pretty good job of including relevant illustrations for most of the items on the timeline. There are some spots where the illustration wanes, and infographics should always avoid relying on text to tell their story.

Also, a common problem in infographics is a lack of introduction or conclusion. While this one starts with an intro, there’s no formal conclusion, final statement, or call to action to tie everything together. It can be as simple as “What’s your dream bachelor/bachelorette party?” or targeted, like “Visit to get all the goods for your pre-wedding celebration!” (provided your goals don’t involve shares).

In all I’d give this infographic a B, as for the most part the infographic needs the text to get through and there isn’t a “final thought” to tie everything together.

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