Infographic: The Eurozone Debt Crisis Explained


Via Payplan

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This infographic was submitted to us by Payplan.

I really like the sliding feature on the debts for each country. It’s pretty interesting to see debts grow (and in some cases shrink, then grow again!) over time.

I also like the varying sizes of arrows showing relation to debt. Details like that are easy ways to include data viz without reverting to a standard bar chart or line graph. There’s plenty of data viz and iconography throughout, making it easy to get the information you came for without wading through excess text. The escalation graph gets a bit wordy in its descriptions, but that’s really the only instance–and some text will always be necessary for certain bits of information.

There are a few typos (“instalment,” unnecessary capitalization of “banks,” no period at the end of the May 2011 section, and more). Frankly, nearly every infographic has a typo or two, but it’s still good to be on the lookout for it!

I don’t have too much else to say on the negative side. It’s pretty cleanly laid out, easy to interpret and very informative. It’d be fun to see more of the tricks like the sliding graph, since some of the examples of data viz are less visually interesting than others.

Overall I’d give this infographic a B. It does its job quite well, but just needs some further editing to push it up to top-notch!

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