Infographic: The Essential Equity Release Factsheet


How Equity Release Works.

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This is clearly laid out and tries to keep text to a minimum. The style isn’t overwhelming and the flow charts are easy to follow. It’s plenty informative and it ends with a nice example of a simple bar graph.

I do feel like there’s almost too much information here, though. It’s quite long infographic at over 9000 pixels full size, and although the text is not extreme, it does look rather heavy in places (How much will this cost?, Lifetime Mortgage vs Home Reversion Plan). Most of the individual elements are large enough that I can’t view them on my screen at one time. It’s nice to be able to read a chart all the way through without scrolling; perhaps scaling down some of the elements here would help with this.

I like the colors and the comprehensive nature of the information, but I think a bit too much was attempted here, and it winds up being a lot to digest. I’m sure that this infographic simplifies matters quite a great deal when compared to lengthy legal documents, but there should be even less text if possible and more visual representation. The bar graph I mentioned at the beginning is the only example of data viz, and is one of only a few numbers in the data that could be visualized.

As an infographic I’d have to give this a C, because there is only one example of data viz and it is just a whole lot to process, and whole lot of scrolling. Make it smaller and take out a few elements, adding in some visualizable data instead, and this could be a great infographic!

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