Infographic: The Drive for School Bus WiFi Gets in Gear


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SinglePoint Communications sent this infographic to us!

It’s full of stats about the prevalence of technology for today’s youth. There are some good instances of data visualization; I really like the circular bar chart in the “Learning Your ABCs” section! It would be easier to interpret if the bars went from shortest to longest or vice-versa, though, rather than being mixed up.

I’m a bit curious about the organization of the sections, because the final section talks about the length of bus commutes rather than discussing Wi-Fi. This seems like more of a tangential subject; ending on “Benefits of School Bus WiFi” would be a stronger conclusion that would tie back into the title and original theme.

In many cases, this infographic keeps text short, but I’d like to see the first 4 stats in “Learning Your ABCs” use icons to cut down on the reliance of text to get information. Reading, math, science, foreign languages, and social studies could all be represented by icons.

In all I’d give this infographic a B-; it’s mostly effective but would benefit from ending on a stronger note.

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