Infographic: The Dawn of the Digital Classroom


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Mighty Skins submitted this infographic to us! They also provided a brief description:

The way the traditional classroom operates in today’s technology-focused world is changing at an increasingly face pace. Learn about how students and educators are reacting and using the tech to teach and learn.

The design uses a tech aesthetic with glowing lines and text to visually convey a virtual world. Data visualization, like pie charts and donut charts, is employed to display numbers in a more effective way than text alone could accomplish.

What would help this design is to stick with one unified style. We have a mix of flat and simplistic design (like the character with the bookbag) and more detailed and 3D elements like the devices and balls on the abacus. Choosing one style and color palette to move through an infographic is preferable so that the design feels more unified and therefore more reliable.

In all I’d give this infographic a B, because it tells its story pretty effectively and efficiently, but is a little disjointed aesthetically.

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