Infographic: The Dangers of Distracted Driving


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This infographic was submitted by Distracted Driver Accidents. The following is a portion of the description they provided:

“Driving distracted causes thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of accidents
each year. Using cell phones while driving is an enormous problem and if we do not raise awareness and do something to stop it, the number of people killed or injured as a result of driving distracted will only increase every year. Make people aware of the dangers of distracted driving by sharing this infographic with your friends and family.”

The design on this infographic is really clean and inviting. The color palette is nice and really stands out from the asphalt gray background. (Nice touch on the death dice, by the way.) The dashboard visualizations for age ranges and fatalities/injuries are well-executed and effective examples of data viz, as is the bar graph about the types of vehicles involved in incidents of cell phone distraction.

The “types of distractions” section is a little confusing, only because there is data viz throughout the infographic, and the bars coming out from each light are different lengths. This cause me to momentarily confuse the image with a bar graph, and I thought it was trying to illustrate that more external distractions cause crashes than internal, and both more than inattention (which, by the way, is spelling incorrectly on the IG). But really, it seems that they’re only different lengths because of the lengths of the words. Just something to consider.

This infographic does a very good job of balancing negative space with info, and not including too much text. It tells its story, gets it across in a comprehensible way, and doesn’t waste time. Overall I’d give it an A-. Great job!

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