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This infographic was submitted to us by the folks at New American Funding. They provided this introduction:

“Over the past few weeks we have been taking a long, hard look at credit scores. Do Americans understand what goes into a credit score? What companies or service providers look at credit scores? This infographic gives insight into these questions.

If you find this info a bit surprising, and think to yourself, hey, maybe I should learn more about my credit score, and possibly, how to raise it, then check out our previous blogs on credit scores and what financial celebrity experts say.”

There is some interesting data packed into this infographic. I found the data about all the things that are not included in credit reports very intriguing. I’m surprised that your employment history is not included in a credit report; I had always thought it was. It was also interesting to see how many people want lawmakers to ban the practice of potential employers checking your credit history–looks like a majority of us have something to hide…

This infographic has a really great color scheme. The patriotic colors fit in well with New American Funding’s name and logo. The color scheme also allows the data in red to stick out more to viewers. There is also a nice flow and good consistency among the theme of the data. However, I wish this infographic was longer; it seems to end almost as soon as it starts.

Although a little bit shorter than I prefer, I would still give this infographic an A. The design is data-driven and executed in an aesthetically pleasing way. There is data visualization with nearly every statistic, which is something a lot of “infographics” lack. This is overall a great infographic!

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