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This infographic was submitted to us by Baines & Ernst, who also provided this description:

According to the new Infographic from Baines & Ernst – The Cost Of Celebrations – us Brits spend a whopping 2.4 billion on Valentine’s day! But that’s not the only celebration where we splash the cash…

This graphic is packed with stats and features some nice illustration. It’s an interesting choice of holidays to include (no winter holidays or graduations?) but it is good to have a specified focus!

It seems a little random to me whether some facts were included in the main body of the infographic or in the “Did You Know?” section at the botom. I think better differentiation would make this a bit more intuitive for the reader.

I also want to see data visualization here. The stats are listed and sometimes accompanied by iconography, but they are never visualized with charts, graphs, pictograms, etc. Data visualization is key to a great infographic — so much so, in fact, that without data viz, it isn’t really considered an infographic at all.

I’d make the design a little more focused, too. It’s a bit “busy” with objects jutting in from all sides, overlapping each other – it’s tough to know where to look.

In all I’d give this graphic a C-. It’s got the data down, but it needs organization, visualization and some de-cluttering!

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