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This infographic was submitted to us by DFANY and was created using Photo Stats, an iPhone app used to create infographics.

There’s a pretty good amount of data viz here, which shows the app understands that infographics require data visualization. There’s useful and pertinent information throughout. It also is very big, as the name implies, so everything is easy to see and pretty well organized.

Speaking of “big,” this infographic is 1,280 pixels wide. It seems to be such only because the ribbons for subsection titles extend beyond the actual IG, necessitating a sort of second background. One advantage of this is that the white background of the IG is rescued from blending in with white web pages, but it looks a little awkward.

Some opportunities for data viz were missed, so there are a lot more numbers than charts and graphs. The viz that is here is pretty run-of-the-mill–bar charts, line graphs, world maps. Since I don’t have the app, I can’t really speak to its capabilities, but perhaps it doesn’t “understand” the finer points of unique design.

Speaking of “unique”–apps are finite; creativity is limitless. Churning out the same old bar graphs and ribbon headings does nothing to drive infographics forward. I understand the appeal of individuals or small businesses “making” their first infographic for cheap, but attempting to use these cookie-cutter IGs for SEO is pointless. Even though the app seems like a great deal at $0.99, infographics are all about ROI, and a boring app-generated design won’t likely get picked up by users or businesses.

Any time or money you might’ve saved by creating your infographic on an app, without a human designer, is null when the infographic is predictable and uninteresting. Original illustration makes infographics–dare I say it–“pop.” Unique data viz is essential for engaging your audience, but this app is a one-trick pony. A designer tasked with the same data could create something far more interesting. I’d give this infographic a C-, because while this is okay, some things just should not be run by robots.

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