Infographic: The Benefits of Singing


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How to Improve Singing sent us this infographic! It talks about the potential mental and physical health benefits of singing.

I like that there is a unified color palette throughout the design, and the fonts also stay fairly consistent for each header and piece of body copy. One place where consistency is lacking is the illustration styles, though — styles throughout the design range from silhouettes to multiple character styles. To create a cohesive feel it’s really important to pick one style and stick to it so that the viewer can really focus on the information.

Additionally, while some places do a great job of balancing text with icons and illustrations (like Benefits of Singing for Children and Benefits of Singing for the Elderly), others have fairly large text chunks — while each paragraph doesn’t really contain a lot of words, in the context of a design these areas can look really heavy. Benefit #1 is a standout example; if these points were broken up into 1-line bullets and any unnecessary words removed, the information would be much faster to digest.

In all I’d give this infographic a C because it could use a bit of text trimming/separation and a unified illustration style to really look put-together.

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