Infographic: The Benefits of Mobile Engagement


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SMSGlobal sent us this infographic, along with a brief description:

The Benefits of Mobile Engagement is an infographic designed to help marketing and advertising professionals understand the important of mobile marketing. The infographic, designed by SMSGlobal, outlines the benefits of mobile engagement and why it is important for brands to connect with their customers offline.

I like the color coding and central image that draw the eye in here. The colors of key words in the titles corresponding to a nearby icon are a great visual cue.

However, the design mostly relies on text to tell the narrative; the supporting images don’t really further the narrative or reduce the need to read the text for full understanding. And since mobile is only 1 small icon on the design, a first glance at the infographic doesn’t tell you that the topic is about mobile engagement.

To improve that, I’d recommend more detailed illustrations and less text. For example, the clock icon for Real-Time Conversations should also integrate some symbology for the conversation aspect — even better, it could be a split screen of 2 people texting each other. The more work the images can do to tell the story, the better.

In all I’d give this design a D+ because you really have to read the text to get the message. That said, it is an attractive B2B design.

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