Infographic: The Benefits & Applications of Temporary Humidity Control


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Polygon submitted this infographic to us!

This design does a wonderful job of picking smart icons that help describe the subject of the accompanying text.

A small thing to note: be consistent in copy formatting under each subheader! For example, the Benefits section starts with “Prevents” but then jumps to “Keep” and “Save” instead of “Keeps” and “Saves”.

I do like the unified aesthetic throughout; the consistent icon style, font choices, color palette, and background make for a clean infographic that is visually appealing but not distracting.

The case study is also a smart way to end the infographic; it shows how the principles described early on were really put to the test in an actual building.

In all I’d give this infographic a B+ since it does a great job of employing visuals along with brief bits of text to tell a complete story.

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