Infographic: The Beauty of Custom Barn Homes


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DC Building sent us this infographic, which utilizes a combination of photos, icons, and even a floor plan. They also sent along a short description:

The words “barn” and “luxury” don’t often go together, but this isn’t the case when it comes to barn homes. Also known as “bardominiums” or “barndos,” barn homes combine the utility of a barn with the modern comforts of home. The featured infographic highlights the Newnan Barn Home designed by DC Building. The images provide a tour of the elegant property, which has a lofty open floor plan for the main living quarters. The bottom floor gives homeowners easy access to their beloved horses with a full stable, as well as an area for entertaining guests in an outdoor living space. See how the custom elements in a barn home can align all the wants and needs of your lifestyle.

The combinations of mediums are executed smartly since they don’t compete with one another in the same space — they’re fairly well separated. While the infographic’s purpose isn’t really to convey a lot of data, the combination of icons and labels on the photos help to tell the story.

The clear section headers make it easy to follow the storyline of the infographic, so that you know ahead of time what each section will be about. Photos are a good choice for this subject since it gives viewers a glimpse into what their own barn home might look like.

In all I’d give this infographic a B+ since it keeps text light and uses photos to a sensible advantage, incorporating other mediums where the content warrants it. There aren’t likely to be a lot of statistics on this topic, so data visualization may have felt forced if included.

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