Infographic: The Awesome Advantages in Jailbreaking an Android Phone


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This infographic was submitted to us by Android Jailbreak.

This makes a useful tool for anyone looking to learn more about why they might want to root an Android. The creators made good effort to stay light on text and use illustrations and icons to help tell the story wherever possible.

Infographic publishers should be aware of good proofing practices. Especially when text is scarce (as it should be on an infographic!) typos are a bit distracting and don’t reflect well on the brand. In the first section, there are verb consistency issues (“-ing” vs. “-s”), “Android” is made lowercase once, and “provides” is used where it should be “provide.” Other issues present in subsequent sections. Always triple-check before going live!

It would also be great to see a bit of contextual data — how long have people been rooting Androids/jailbreaking phones? What percent of phones are jailbroken? How many people prefer jailbroken phones?

In all I’d give this infographic a B-. It’s clean and well organized but needs some proofreading — and a bit of data wouldn’t hurt!

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