Infographic: The Anatomy of a DUI

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Anatomy of a  DUI | Infographic |

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This infographic does a pretty good job of keeping text minimal and utilizing data viz where possible. I love the speedometer imagery–it’s my favorite section of the infographic, although I must admit the injury/no injury section took quite a while for me to understand, as I was looking for the percentages to add up to 100 before I realized that they were percent of ALL crashes, that were alcohol related, that resulted in injury or no injury. Maybe that would be clearer as two separate graphs–what percent of all crashes are alcohol-related, and then what percent of alcohol-related crashes only resulted in injury/no injury.

The estimated cost section is also pretty effective at showing that your insurance costs are the greatest risk–though if there was some data about the average medical cost of a DUI crash, that would be impactful too.

There are a few typos to note throughout, where periods are misplaced or words misspelled (responsibile), but otherwise it’s a pretty good brief overview of what might happen to someone driving under the influence. I would suggest adding an average number of drinks to reach/surpass the legal limit–this would of course have to be based on a particular body weight, age, height etc. but would still be useful to give an idea. Two drinks? Three?

Overall I’d give this infographic a B–it’s informative without being overbearing, too long, too sparse, too text-heavy or lacking in data visualization.

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