Infographic: The American Vacation


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This infographic was submitted to us by It has a nice all-American color scheme going on, which is very appropriate considering it contains data regarding the “American Vacation”. I especially like the use of yellow as an addition to the traditional red, white, and blue scheme. It works well because it brings to mind sunshine (something most of us like to see when on vacation).

There is some data-visualization in this infographic, however, not nearly enough considering the amount of information given. It would be extremely difficult to decipher statistics from this graphic if all the text was removed. With that said, I think the typography used throughout this graphic is very visually pleasant.

The graphic also flows really well- for the most part. I’m not sure about the final statistic about shark attacks because it seems a little disconnected from the theme of the rest of the information. Perhaps this shark attack data could be used in a separate infographic highlighting information specific to vacations with a beach destination.

Overall I would give this graphic a C. It relies too heavily on typography and missed several opportunities for data-visualization. But, it tells a nice story with the information used, up until the very end with the shark attack data. With a bit more data-visualization and a bit less wordy, this infographic could be a home run.


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