Infographic: The American Health Care Crisis

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The American Healthcare Crisis | Infographic |

This infographic was submitted to us by Medical Assistant Online.

I like the unique approach to background imagery on this infographic. It’s very dark and dynamic, incorporating burning paper, bright bricks and then falling down into blackness. It could be distracting, but the designer knows to make it less of a feature as the infographic progresses, so that the text and numbers can be the focus.

There’s a lot of good information here, and although it teeters on the edge of too much text, I think it manages to stay on the concise side. I’m not enamored with the traditional typeface choice, though: there are just too many fonts to choose from to play it so safe.

There are also some typos/inconsistencies that could use addressing. For example, “$2.7 Trillion” didn’t need to be capitalized, since it was part of a sentence. It’s immediately followed by, “That nearly $8,650″ — the second typo in a row, in the first factoid. That may stop some viewers from continuing on.

This infographic is also on the light side for data viz. The image of Texas with “x2” on it sort of conveys the idea… but an image of Texas with a double-sized image of Texas underneath or next to it would be even better! The percentage of our population comprised of older Americans could have also been visualized, and the ratio of infant deaths chart could contain an actual numbered scale.

The more visualization of numbers, the better: that minimizes the amount of reading a viewer has to do to get the information.

In all I’d give this a B-. It’s got some qualities of an infographic, but could use some polish, too.

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