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This infographic was sent to us by Cell and this is what they had to say about it:

An interactive infographic exploring why pigs are the most amazing creatures in nature. From 7 minute miles to 30 minute orgasms, these animals can do a lot that humans never knew.

There are a lot of interesting facts about pigs in the infographic and some pretty funny data-viz (Pig smoking a cigarette? Priceless). I particularly liked the lengthy comparison of male humans and pigs. I was actually pretty surprised that pigs can run an average 7 minute mile–you don’t usually associate pigs with running, or anything else that would be considered “healthy”. It was sad for me to see that pigs are the fourth most intelligent animal seeing how they are treated by food corporations. I also would have never guessed that they were smarter than dogs or cats. All very interesting data.

This infographic also had some nice visualization of data with the little Piglets representing how many babies a sow can give birth to within a year. I also liked the way the “Pig Anatomy” represented what parts of a pig are used for what types of food. The infographic stayed true to the theme throughout and had a nice flow. I didn’t feel bombarded by too much information, I was able to read through the infographic with ease.

I would give this infographic an A- overall. The only reason I wouldn’t give it a solid A is because I wish there was more data visualization. Although there were a couple facts that were nicely visualized, I was left wanting more. A couple of the facts that just included graphics could be improved by exchanging the graphic for a better representation using some sort of graph/chart. Perhaps this could be done with some of the facts about pigs versus male humans. But overall, this is a fun and informative infographic!

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