Infographic: The Alchemist’s Guide to The Perfect Checkout


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PCA Predict sent us this infographic along with a brief description:

Ecommerce is a tough game with lots of competition, getting it right at the final step of the online journey, the checkout, is probably the most important. It can mean the difference between a loyal customer who not only repeat spends, but also tells all their family and friends and one that never shops with you again or even worse lets out their frustration all over social media.

By 2017 predictions for online sales are set to reach $370billion, check out the ‘The Alchemists Guide to the Perfect Checkout’ to learn what tips and tricks you can make in your online checkout to improve conversions and create happy and loyal customers.

The design takes its title seriously from the beginning; it’s great to see that theme carried through and the icons appearing in their appropriate sections.

The content is data-driven and the text is kept fairly short throughout — though in the instances where a stat is followed by a tip, a good way to break up the blocks of text would be to create a callout box or other visual separation so the viewer doesn’t see a paragraph/chunk and want to skip over it. Additionally, there are some inconsistencies in title casing vs. sentence casing in a couple of headers; fixing that could help the professional image of the design.

On the other hand, the color coding for each section is working really well with the section headers to create clear divisions between subjects. I do wish that some of the stats were visualized instead of just written out, though.

In all, I’d give this infographic a B- since it’s very to-the-point and conveys its information clearly. I’d just love to see the larger blocks of copy displayed a little differently (maybe longer lines instead of multiple lines, to give the illusion of less text), a little more attention to copy proofing, and a stab taken at data visualization.

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