Infographic: The 4 Scariest Horror Movies Cursed in Real Life


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This infographic was submitted to us by Presto. They also provided a short description:

It’s only a horror movie, right? Wrong! Our infographic has the real life curses that followed some of the scariest horror movies ever. Read at your own risk…

This design definitely deals with some creepy movies and the bizarre occurrences surrounding them! It’s a very spooky concept for a very spooky time of year.

While some of the accompanying imagery assists the story, most of the information is derived from text. Whenever possible, an infographic should tell its story with visuals, but here the visuals seem to play more of a “bit part.” Icons for the Curse Types could be fun! On that note, I’m not sure “Skeletons” is really a curse type for The Poltergeist since it wasn’t something that happened to the cast or crew — it sounds like it was an intentional element of the film.

In all I’d give this infographic design a D because it’s very text-heavy and doesn’t use illustrations and visualizations to its advantage. However, the concept is definitely interesting and there’s ample opportunity to boost the creepy factor by including more visuals and cutting down on the text!

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