Infographic: The 12 Facts of Christmas — Things You Didn’t Know


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This infographic was submitted to us by Up Up & Away! It shows some fun information about the holiday and what Santa might have to go through to make it all happen.

While the infographic doesn’t use any data visualization, that seems to make sense here: many of the numbers are so large that using visuals instead of typography might not aid comprehension very much. The aesthetic and illustrations immediately read as “Christmas” so the look successfully matches the content. I also really like the consistent layout, with each section getting an equal amount of space on the design. The alternating background colors also help break up what could otherwise be a bit of a monotonous feel — but the palette stays relatively consistent throughout, which is a plus!

I would look at reducing the copy where possible, though. I love the bold main copy that tops each fact, but once the smaller subcopy comes in it feels less important to read that. If it were shorter (and maybe a touch larger) it would feel more important.

In all I’d give this infographic a B. It’s festive and fun to look at.

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