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This infographic about various types of Thai Cuisine comes to us from the people at Exo Tissimo.

I really like the pictures of different Thai dishes and the fiery ratings for the level of spiciness of the different meals. This infographic keeps it simple and readers know exactly what it is about from the pictures. I also like how it splits the different dishes by geographical region of origin in Thailand.

I give this infographic a C+ overall because it does a pretty good job of balancing graphics and text to tell a story. From a quick glance someone can tell where to go in Thailand to get their favorite Thai meals or to find the hottest dish. One suggestion I have that could make it a little more interesting is to break down the dishes visually to add some more data visualization. As it is there are pictures of the prepared meal, but without the text describing the ingredients it would be hard to tell exactly what they were. Perhaps some little cartoon pictures of the individual ingredients included as part of the meal descriptions could spice this infographic up a little, no pun intended.

Another small suggestion I have that would add a nice touch to this is to add some features to the map of Thailand. These could include geographic features of the different regions, perhaps showing where some of the ingredients used in these dishes come from. Overall this infographic is nice to look at, the colors and graphics work well, and it is easy to understand the information being presented. If I was going to Thailand and searching for the best area to get a certain meal I could definitely use this. With a few minor improvements I would bump this up from a C+ to a B.


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