Infographic: Texas DWI Penalties


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Tad A. Nelson submitted this graphic, along with a brief description:

This infographic, compiled by Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A. Nelson, is a visual representation of the criminal penalties involved with criminal convictions for drunk driving, or Driving While Intoxicated, in the State of Texas. Don’t Drink and Drive!

The graphic shows alcohol-related offenses in Texas, along with what the consequences can be if convicted. Each offense has a background photo related to the offense or to the consequences. It uses a consistent color scheme and fonts throughout, which helps the viewer focus on the information over the design.

Unfortunately, since nearly all of the information is derived from text, it’s tough to classify this as an infographic. The photos bring it close, because using those visual cues, the viewer can surmise that the topic is law/jail time. Only one image (the “Open Container Related DWI Offenses” image) shows alcohol, so it’s not visually obvious that that’s the topic at hand. The infographic would be improved by increasing alcohol imagery and attempting to visualize where it may save some time.

It would also be ideal to play with hierarchy in the fonts a little more. While it’s common for headers to be all-caps, having all of the text in a design as all-caps makes it tough to know where to look first, and actually can slow the viewer down.

In all I’d give this design a D+ since all of the relevant information is text-based, but an attempt was made with the photos to help set the tone.

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