Infographic: Texas Drivers: Think Twice Before You Send That Text!


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Zinda & Davis sent along this infographic to us!

The first section of simple stats is really easy to navigate; I like the juxtaposition of icons and numbers/percentages! It’s also nice that the whole infographic is kept short, so viewers can get the takeaways and move on.

I’m a little confused with the display in “Texting While Driving Vs. Driving Under The Influence” only because the center image, with the cell phone, looks like it’s displaying data. However, I don’t see any corresponding stats that could link up to those circle graphs. Be deliberate with your visuals: if you’re using data visualization elements, they should be representing data to avoid confusion.

There’s also quite a mix of design styles here, but it’s best to use just one style throughout an infographic to create a unified impression.

I’d also like to see more of a story; these sections feel like they could go in any order without much impact to the design, since a narrative or hierarchy hasn’t been created.

Overall I’d give this infographic a B- since it needs more of a story and more consistency to be more impactful.

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