Infographic: Temporary Climate Control Supports the Rise of the U.S. Commercial Construction Industry


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This infographic comes to us from Polygon.

It’s very informative about how much construction is planned for the country in upcoming years and the risks in undergoing construction without a moisture-control plan.

I like the use of icons in the first section, but I think data visualization would actually be a strong replacement or addition to those icons. It would be faster to see the growth rate for each year if there were a visual comparison. It’s also unclear why the growth rates are in parentheses; it seems that it would be cleaner to remove them.

The icons make more sense under “Where Other Methods Fall Short…” since there is no numerical data to display for those.

I love the concept of the structure in “Wet Work: What Harm Can a Little Dampness Do?” but I’d like to see the building illustrated in a bit more detail — mainly because having a line drawing of a building juxtaposed with several other lines running between the callouts and the building is distracting to the eye and makes it a bit harder to follow at first glance. This could also be remedied by making the scenes within each circle a different color or highlight.

In all I’d give this infographic a B-. It’s a good design and tells its story quickly, but there are some details that would help improve the way it tells that story.

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