Infographic: Temporary Climate Control: Helping the U.S. Food Industry Comply with Processing Standards


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Polygon sent us this infographic!

It starts off with a cute take on a timeline: a processing plant with icons for each of the events listed (such as a steak with a magnifying glass to symbolize the first law requiring inspection of meat products). The text is kept fairly short in the timeline, which also helps increase its effectiveness.

Something I would suggest for the pie charts that follow is to color code the sections with their respective icons or the copy for those icons. Right now the Dairy section is blue on the pie chart, but the text is brown and the cheese is yellow. The Seafood section is red on the pie chart, but the text is brown and the fish is orange. While the lines help a little bit, because there are so many sections in each chart it would be more intuitive if the color coding extended to the labels.

Also be sure your section headers are clear. “By the Numbers – Top 10 U.S. Food & Beverage Manufacturing Plants” sounds like it’s going to be about the plants that produce the highest quantity of products, but instead it’s a map of the states that have the most plants. A clearer header might have been “Top 10 U.S. States with the Most Food & Beverage Manufacturing Plants”.

However, I do like the use of helpful illustrations and data visualization throughout the infographic. In all I’d give this infographic a B+ because it keeps text pretty condensed and uses visuals to its advantage to move the story along.

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